Tourism Marketing



The challenge & the opportunity

Your mission is to bring more visitors to your beautiful part of France.  You need to persuade English speaking tourists around the world of the charms and attractions of your unique region, pays or city. But now, as you are aware, the marketing decisions are becoming more complex and challenging.  You need to devise a multi-channel, multi-language strategy, a strategy that delivers brand awareness AND response, that conveys a high quality message but is achieved at a cost-effective budget.  If you can achieve this then you will have opened the door to an enormous universe of potential holiday visitors who will be tempted to discover the unique beauty that your area offers.  But how?

Our service

This is where we come in.  Our aim is to be your trusted partner in planning and executing your international English language marketing strategy.  Our expertise and our team are at your disposal.

France Media Group is an organisation focused exclusively on France.  Our ten years of experience in the market embraces the production of everything from high quality print media to bespoke web marketing, from complete design and production of brochures to search engine marketing and e-zine production.   Now we are deploying our skills and the substantial experience of our team to assist you in marketing your part of France to the international English speaking audience.  Everything from the little finishing touches to a complete customised multi-channel marketing solution: we are on your side to make your campaign more successful at an affordable price.

Bringing international visitors to France


Our services include:

  • Copywriting & editing
    • You can’t just translate from your French versions – English speakers respond to different phrases and calls to action.  Let our skilled writers create more effective texts for your brochures and websites.
  • Translation
    • Anyone can translate from French to English, but we will translate to ensure the subtlety and impact is not lost and the marketing messages are properly communicated to your readers.
  • Graphic design
    • Our dedicated design team can create beautiful layouts for your brochure or web media.  We can incorporate your images or you can access our own image library which goes back ten years.
  • Brochure print
    • We buy print all the time.  If you wish we can complete the production process by obtaining print quotes and arranging delivery of your leaflets, brochures and magazine inserts.
  • Web advertising
    • We run successful Google Ad campaigns which are proven to drive traffic to our websites.  We can put in place a cost-effective campaign to help you bring new visitors to your website.
  • Social network participation
    • Having a presence on the important social media networks like Facebook and Twitter can make a huge difference to the appreciation of your brand.  Tap into our know-how and let’s see if we can accelerate your presence on the social networks.
  • Brand evaluation
    • You have invested a lot of time and money into your brand, but are your region or city really presented in the best light to an international audience.  British and international holidaymakers respond to different imagery and marketing language than the French.   A brand evaluation will give you candid advice on how to make changes to improve perception and response.
  • Consultancy
    • If there is any other aspect of your international English speaking marketing strategy that you would like help with, feel free to talk to us – maybe we can help you make the best decisions for your next campaign!

Results driven marketing



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Contact Virginie Menguy, Business Development Director – France, for more information.