Welcome to your new look FrenchEntrée

Welcome to the new-look FrenchEntrée website

You may have noticed a rather sharp new design to your favourite website about France. We have been planning this new look for some months and have now finally gone ‘live’.

So, what’s new?

As well as introducing more white space, a more elegant and modern typographic feel to the site and lots more big, beautiful images of la belle France, we’ve also made some exciting changes to help you find what you need.

At the top of the site (on the top line of navigation which reads HOME / PROPERTY GUIDES / PROPERTY SALES / LIVING… etc) you can now hover your cursor to reveal direct links to many other parts of the website. This means you can access more information with less clicks. We have introduced a latest articles section to each subject, so that you never miss out on news or inspiration on your topic of choice.

Elsewhere, you can now add your comments to all articles once you have registered (keep it clean, pleasant and helpful where possible please!). So don’t be afraid to get involved – we’d love to hear from you – I’m sure some subjects will cause vigorous debate, while others could prompt your own recommendations.

Forum members

If you were a member of the previous FrenchEntrée Forum, you should be able to login to the new version of the forum using your old username and password. The login button can be found at the top of the website, next to the search bar. Read more about the new forum here, and here you can read about the Forum features we are still working on. 

Community Contributors

For those of you with a little more to share, we are also delighted to invite you to join our new network of Community Contributors, our growing network of writers. It’s the chance for anyone, from bloggers to business owners or amateur enthusiasts to write their own articles for publication on FrenchEntrée, with the aim of sharing information and passion for all aspects of buying, living in or visiting France.

Tell us what you think!

As for the new-look site, for the initial phase of the new launch, we are inviting you to get in touch with your thoughts on its look and user-friendliness. Did you find what you needed? Was it easy to find? Let us know.

We’d also be grateful if you could notify us of any small errors or glitches you come across. There are almost 5,000 articles on this site so it’s possible that there are a few requiring our attention or even deletion. If you do have any articles to bring to our attention, please drop me a line at editor@frenchentree.com.

I hope you enjoy browsing the new look FrenchEntrée. We will continue to make improvements so that the site delivers all the information you need for your property search, buying process, lifestyle advice and holiday inspiration.


Très amicalement,

Justin Postlethwaite Editor, FrenchEntrée